Quarter Circle O Ranch
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Mr. Browning casts a line.

"They Loved The Land." As the title of the book reads, refers to the generations before us the loved and helped settle Foard County - home of the Quarter Circle O (QCO) Ranch near Crowell, Texas. One trip to this part of the world in Northwest Texas and chances are you too will appreciate what the authors themselves felt about this uniquely beautiful country.

"What's in a name," one might wonder? As for the QCO Ranch, the answer is a simple one. The name was chosen in the mid-1990's to honor the ranch's original owner and founder, Mr. Ben Easley. Mr. Easley started the ranch in the late 1800's and used the quarter circle over a full circle as his cattle brand. Hence the "Quarter Circle O Ranch".

Over time, with diligent hard work, Mr. Easley raised a family and built a reputation as solid as the limestone rocks indigenous to the area. That reputation continues to this day with the ranch still in the family and in the good hands of James Browning, a born and bred native of Truscott, Texas. If you know whereTruscott is, you made an "A" in geography! Actually it is just a few miles south of Crowell, Texas.

Mr. Browning's son, Jim, makes up the other half of this father and son team of which both have taken great pride in working to maintain and enhance this magnificent place.