Quarter Circle O Ranch
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Dale Henry

Quarter Circle O Ranch Manager & Guide

It's hard to sum up Mr. Dale Henry in a few words or paragraphs. One-of-a-kind, true original, character, last of a dying breed, best friend, simply legendary. All of the above have been said to characterize Dale at some point in his life.

If there is anyone who loves and knows more about wildlife and hunting in this part of Texas than Dale, they are probably six feet under. Who do you know that has a key ring with one-hundred keys and knows which lock and gate they fit? All without a modern day G.P.S. From rattlesnakes to horny-toads, trophy bucks to turkey roasts, hog wallows to arrowheads and everything in-between - It's a safe bet that Dale knows something about them and their whereabouts!

Dale and his lovely wife (and much better half!) Mrs. Carolyn Henry, wear many hats in Crowell. Mom and dad, super grandparents, concerned citizens and loyal friends just to name a few. By day Carolyn runs the Crowell state bank and by night probably tries to run Dale out of the house!

If you're in town, stop by the bank to say hello and, while you are there, get an idea of the trophy bucks that are in the area.. Many of them are displayed on the walls of the bank.

Since 1998, Dale has been the driving force behind the QCO Ranch's wildlife management plans. He has applied his fifty-plus years of hunting experience and abundant knowledge to enhance the natural habitat of the deer, quail, turkey and other wildlife that call this home. Opening five to fifteen acre areas throughout the ranch, rotational cattle grazing, controlled-burning, numerous wildlife feeders and planted food plots - all selectively orchestrated by Dale - throughout the ranch are paying in huge dividends to the hunters that continuously book hunting trips to the QCO Ranch.

"Making Memories" as Carolyn often says, is a good way to put it - memories that will last a lifetime. Spend an afternoon with Dale Henry as your guide and your hunting goals have a good chance of being fulfilled. Spend a couple of days hunting for a trophy buck or flushing quail with your best four-legged friend and those same goals may be reached. The difference is that you will know you've been around one of the best people in the world. And that you truly have!